A Suitable Boy (2019) Review

A Suitable Boy is a BBC television drama miniseries directed by Mira Nair and adapted by Andrew Davies from Vikram Seth's 1993 novel of the same name.
Set in North India in 1951, it follows the coming of age of Lata (Tanya Maniktala), a spirited university student. Tabu, Ishaan Khatter, Rasika Dugal, and Ram Kapoor also star in the six-part series.
The episode starts with the marriage of Savita Mehra to Pran Kapoor. The Mehras consist of 4 siblings: Arun (married to Meenakshi, they have a daughter Aparna and stay in Calcutta), Savita, Varun, Lata and their mother Rupa.
During the wedding, Rupa keeps telling Lata that she is next in line for marriage. Lata is a Literature student in the Brahmpur University.
She is free-spirited and wants to make her own path in life. She meets Kabir Durrani, a history student in the University. After a few meetings with him, she decides that she likes and arranges to meet him in secret as he is a Muslim and her family would object. In a parallel setting, the story of the Kapoor family is shown. Mahesh Kapoor is a Revenue Minister in the Purva Pradesh Government.
He is pushing the very important Zamindari Bill in the state assembly. He lives with his wife and youngest son, Maan who doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps. Maan becomes infatuated with Saeeda Bai, a singer and a courtesan who is much older than he is.