Improve Your Bowling and Turn Some Heads with These Tips

Improve Your Bowling and Turn Some Heads with These Tips

If you bowl regularly, then you will probably want to improve your bowling. When you attend bowling parties, you will want to show off your bowling skills and impress everyone. If you want to turn heads with your bowling efforts, then joining a bowling club Middlesex can be helpful. The bowling club can help you hone your bowling skills. If you are looking for ways to improve your bowling, then we have some handy tips for you.

Tips to Improve Your Bowling

Here are some very useful tips to help you take your bowling skills to the next level.

  • Choose the right bowling ball. The ball should be 10% of your body weight. Choose a ball where the finger holes are just perfect and not too big or small.
  • It is important that you do not overstretch your hand while bowling. Here is a tip to help you. The space between your hand and the palm must fit a pencil below your palm.
  • If you want to be a pro, then you need to buy your own bowling ball. If you want to ace the hook shots, then a ball with a urethane coverstock will help. It provides better friction. A resin coverstock is a better option since it effectively digs into the oil on the lane.
  • A proper stance is essential to get a strike. Your foot should be aimed at the head pin. Your left second toe should be aimed at the one pin. With practice, you will find this foot placement very helpful in improving your bowling. This tip is useful if you are right-handed. If you are left-handed, then consider the right toe.
  • Do not bend your wrist or flex it. Hold the hand straight when you swing the ball out and back. Rotate your wrist, hand, and fingers in the direction opposite to your body. When you release the ball, do it at the ankle’ position. Once the ball is released, your hand must be in the handshake position. This is the perfect way to attempt a strike.
  • Let your eyes focus on the target as you release the ball. Look at the marks on the lane that are given to help guide the ball towards the target.
  • The right combination of angle, speed, and strength is what helps you make a strike. You will get it right through proper practice.

All in All

Bowling is incredibly fun! Work on these tips, and you can make heads turn with your bowling efforts next time.

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